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News List  Electronics industry is expected mid-year report

Electronics industry is expected mid-year report

The second quarter of this year, under the shadow of the earthquake in Japan, electronic plates downturn. With the half-year results of listed companies have good news notice, electronic plates began to appear from the bottom end of June. Yesterday, the first published results of the three semi-annual electronic information industry came news of the company at the same time, its share price on the secondary market are from the bottom of the back.
"A few happy future", part of the electronic components are a drop in first-half performance. Brokerage analysts have pointed out that the boom in the industry return, rising labor costs and the earthquake in Japan under the influence of multiple factors such as the electronics industry is facing a lot of pressure during the first half, three quarters of the economy is expected to rise.

Results of pre-cut companies

14, the first semi-annual report together three companies appeared. Galaxy Electronics, Sichuan outwit and sophisticated telecommunications legislation profit 43.8424 million yuan, respectively, 11.9836 million yuan and 99.4122 million yuan, an increase of 18.10%, respectively, 126.01% and 96.36%, for basic earnings per share were 0.31 yuan, 0.16 yuan and 0.38 yuan. Three satisfactory performance of the company.

According to statistics, excluding semi-annual report of listed companies has announced that as of July 14 has 64 electronics companies announced half-year results notice, of which 37 companies are expected interim results for the growth of seven expected loss nearly forty percent of company's interim results pre- by. Among them, the loss of the amount of old BOE largest listed companies, an estimated loss of 1.25 to 1.35 billion yuan.

Central share is expected to increase the maximum performance. Company expects the first half net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies year on year increase of 1100-1150%. Central share the reasons for substantial growth in performance analysis, said the company using a unique industry strengths and technical advantages, silicon material - silicon - silicon polished wafers - Semiconductor devices, silicon solar cell industry chain advantage can double, sales revenue increased significantly, further optimize the product mix, gross sales year on year increase.

Force combined share is expected to first-half net profit of $ 5 million to $ 6 million a year earlier, up 580-730%. The DELHI Electronics is expected to increase during the first half net profit of 200-250%. Company said the new product is gradually in production, expected operating performance increases significantly. However, by the production capacity and raw materials and labor costs and other factors, results of operations remaining uncertainties.

In fact, involved in raw material prices and labor costs rise, many electronics companies in the first half under pressure is not small. Sunlord 15, 2011 semi-annual report disclosure, first-half operating income of 275 million yuan, an increase of 29.53%, net profit of 42.6954 million yuan, down 18.87%. Company said the profit decline was mainly due to a sharp rise in the cost factors, including the average unit prices of major raw materials more than 80% of total labor expenses rose more than 65%, a significant cost factor than the growth rate of sales growth.

New Wellink also said that some raw materials prices, gross margins were squeezed, the first quarter has been a loss, although the company expects second-quarter operating situation a little better than the first quarter, but still expected in the first half attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit compared to last year down 30% to 50%.

Demand is expected to pick up the second half

Compared to other industries, the electronics industry is not optimistic about the interim results as a whole.

Huatai Securities believes that the first half of the electronics industry is facing more pressure, including industry, the economy and into the traditional off-season return, labor costs and financing costs, RMB appreciation, the Japanese earthquake and other factors. These factors lead directly to a quarter of the industry as a whole is lower than expected in the second quarter was slightly lower than expected.

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