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Heavy duty 8 way Joystick

Heavy duty 8 way Joystick

Product ID: : JS010
Unit Price: : $2.55USD/PCS
MOQ: 30pcs  
Availability : 7~14 days
Condition : New

About Product

A Heavy duty 8 way Joystick is made by metal body and plastic base, it's suitable for all kinds of iron, wood or plastic panel video game machines. Also its fit for iron, wood and metal control panels.

Product Details

8-way operation
Fits iron, wood and metal control panels
Smooth Spring return-to-center
Rugged, yet simple, construction
Supplied with 4 microswitches
Design for heavy duty and long mechnical lifetime
Product Size: W95x D66x H119 (mm)
Product net weight: 200grams/pc

Other Details

1pcs-60pcs: $2.55USD/PCS

61pcs-120pcs: $2.40USD/PCS

121pcs- 240pcs: $2.30USD/PCS

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