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Arcade Joystick 8 way Long Rod Joystick

Arcade Joystick 8 way Long Rod Joystick

Product ID: : JS005
Unit Price: : $4.60USD/PCS
MOQ: 20PCS  
Availability : 2-3 days
Condition : New

About Product

Arcade Cabinet Joystick it is adjustable for 8 way operation. Ideally suited for metal or wood control panels. A great replacement for your Ms. Pac project, or even a Mame cabinet! Standard mounting hole spacing and screw-on ball design make installation a snap! With .187" microswitch terminals.

Product Details

8 ways operation
Knob Color available: Black, Red, Green
Suitable for control panels made of steel or plastic to a max. of 5mm thick
Package includes dust covers, mounting plate and connection cable
Solid spring and excellent 'Return to Center'
Firm construction and durable
Product net weight:0.21kg/each
Ideal to replace arcade / home console joystick for fighting style games and any joystick heavy games 

Other Details

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