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Dark Horse Basketball Redemption Machine

Dark Horse Basketball Redemption Machine

Product ID: : RM001
Unit Price: : Please Ask
MOQ: 1Set  
Availability : 2-3 Weeks
Condition : New

About Product

This is a high-qualtiy basketball redemption machine, it can played by single machine or link up to  3 machines.

Product Details

Product Features:
Environmental requirement: temperature from –10℃ to +40℃,low radiation, low humidity, low vibration
Dimension: W1020×D2510×H2520(mm)per single one  
Weight: 200KG/set
Power supply: 110V/220V
Maximum power: 300W/Unit
Players: one person or more people
How to play:
1. Insert a coin, the two lamps on the control desk sparkles, press ‘START’(red lamp)or ‘LINK’( blue lamp) and select the play mode;
2. After you pressing a button, the strobe descends automatically and the basket ball rolls to the front of the machine;
3. Player needs to get the ball and cast it into the basket in the front of the machine;
4. In the given time, the more balls you cast into the basket, the more scores you get and the more tickets you get.
5. When you get a score higher than the score displayed in HI-SCORE LED, you get tickets displayed in BONUS.

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