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Multi Function Coin Acceptor(6 Type Coins)

Multi Function Coin Acceptor(6 Type Coins)

Product ID: : CA040
Unit Price: : $32.00USD/PCS
MOQ: 50PCS  
Availability : 3-4 days
Condition : New

About Product

A Multi Function Coin Acceptor(6 Type Coins)It feature with  multi-logical and intelligent device by using the CPU to distinguish the counterfeit. Setting status can be reset simply.
It features with an extra coin channel. You can set up two country's coin with channel A and channel B,  each channel can set up 6 coins, total can save 12 country coins.

Product Details

Accepted Coin Diameter: 12.00 mm ~ 29.00 mm
Accepted Coin Thickness: 1.00 mm ~ 3.00 mm
Input Voltage: 12V DC (+/-10%)
30 Coins recording channels (able to record 5 difference types of coin)
Identify true or phony coin according to coin's material and diameter,high accuracy. 
Signal output style: Pulse
User can switch to Normal Close (NC) or Normal Open (NO) according to the machine.
Can be used in speed of medium (45ms) and Slow (65ms).
Product weight: 0.4KG 
Can be used for Vending Machine,Washing machine, Amusement machine, public phone, etc. 

Other Details

Available Currency : USD, CAD, EU, AUD,Mexico, Russia,UK, RMB, etc .

Product Include:
Coin acceptor: 1 PC
Screw: 1 set
Wiring: 1 PC

1pcs-50pcs: $26.00USD/PCS

51pcs-150pcs: $25.00USD/PCS

151pcs- 500pcs: $24.00USD/PCS

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