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PS2 Timer Board

PS2 Timer Board

Product ID: : PCB006
Unit Price: : $22.00USD/PCS
MOQ: 1pcs  
Availability : 4-5 days
Condition : New

About Product

PS2 Timer Board is a system for the operator to operate the loaded games in the PS2 console in time basis for the player to paly. The operator can also choose their desired games from our game list and the games will be loaded in the PS2 hard disk.
The operator can adjust 1 coin for desired time for player to play. Then player can play any games saved in the PS2 hard disk by buying coins / credits.

Product Details

PS2 Timer Board features:
1. More than 1000 PS2 games available;
2. Add new games by yourself;
3. 1p / 2P independent timer (2 coin slots) or 1P / 2P use same timer (one coin slot) ;
4. 1p / 2P independent time display on screen;
5. "insert coin" displays on screen;
6. "time out" and "Continue" display on screen with sound alert;
7. Auto back to game menu after "Continue" time out;
8. Play time per coin can be adjusted from 1-30 minutes by DIP-Switch;
9. Demo sound can be enabled or disabled by DIP-Switch;
10. Free-play mode can be selected by DIP-Switch;
11. Can be connected to 15K CGA monitor or normal TV set.
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Other Details

Condition : New
Location : China
Version Type : English Version 

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