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Dual Fire Analog Joystick

Dual Fire Analog Joystick

Product ID: : JS017
Unit Price: : $14.10USD/PCS
MOQ: 10PCS  
Availability : 7-14 Days
Condition : New

About Product

Dual Fire Analog Joystick feature with rugged construction, it's have 8-way operation, good prerformance and excellent for Excellent for all vertical scolling shoot-em ups.

Product Details

Rugged construction
Good performance and comfortable operation.
8-way operation.
One or two fire button operation. (Green wire is commong, yellow is top button, red is for trigger button)
Excellent for all vertical scolling shoot-em ups. Such as 1942. 1943 type games.
Complete with 4 microswitches.
Microswitches use .187 quick connectors
Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles
Weight: 350g/pc

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