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Initial D Version 5

Initial D Version 5

Product ID: : DR003
Unit Price: : Please Ask
MOQ: 1Set  
Availability : 7-14 Days
Condition : New

About Product

Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 5 is the latest game in Sega's popular street racing game series. A new mode, Hashiriya Event Mode, has been added where players race under set regulations. Five new vehicles have been added, including the Lancer Evolution VII, Supra RZ, and the RX-7 Type RS. There is also a new course set in Nagano. Players are also able to import their data from Initial D Arcade Stage 4.

Product Details

Product size: 1130*1660*1970MM
Weight: 318KG
Power: 510W

Other Details

Product ID:     DR003
Item Type:       Driving Machine

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