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Metal Slug 6(Motherboard+Cartridge)

Metal Slug 6(Motherboard+Cartridge)

Product ID: : MB025
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In this incarnation of the legendary shoot them up. Four of the regular cast are joined by Ralf and Clark, these two are veterans of the King of Fighters series.

This version includes all the features that make this series a classic. Plenty of new weapons, new bombs, new vehicles and of course hordes of enemies and bosses to use them on.

New features include different types melee attacks, switchable weapons & power stocks that in increase the more enemies you kill, which is used to be power the more advanced moves.

Each of the characters now has different strengths, like some have more powerful guns, some have more ammo. Ralf is even invulnerable to the first bullet he takes.

If you enjoy the run 'n gun style games like Contra, you'll be familiar with this series! Locating this set is extremely difficult, especially with all of it's artwork and documentation. This is the newest release for the franchise with updated graphics & gameplay.

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Motherboard Manufacturer: Atomiswave System ( Japan )
Released :2006
Genre: Shooting
CRT: Color ( 2D graphic )
Orientation: Horizontal
Number of Simultaneous Players: 2
Maximum number of Players: 2

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