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EGA/CGA/MDA/YUV to VGA Industrial XVGA Box Converter Unit

EGA/CGA/MDA/YUV to VGA Industrial XVGA Box Converter Unit

Product ID: : VC007
Unit Price: : $350USD/PCS
Availability : 5-7 Days
Condition : New

About Product

XVGA BOX(RGB,MDA,CGA,EGA to VGA Converter) was launched of an innovative industrial Video Converter, it's widely used in Siemens SIMATIC S5 6AV1242-0AB10 RGB monitor repare or replace,CGA Monitor Replacement,EGA Monitor Replacement,Monochrome MDA Monitor Replacement, Mitsubishi CNC Monitors replacement,Siemens industrial monitors replacement,num 760 monitor replacement etc 

Product Details

Product Features:

Wide ranging application for use with Industrial machinery
Lightweight, black metal casing
Convenient mounting holes in-built on casing
Input / output connectors and OSD control buttons clearly labeled and accessible.
Power on LED and 12vDC input plug and socket arrangement
Input connection by 5 BNC or VGA D-sub 9 pin connectors (interface with 3,6,7,9,14,20,24 and 25 pin)
Supports input RGB video signals using Separate Sync (RGBHV), Combined/Composite Sync (RGBH+V), Sync on Green (SoG/RGsB/RGBs) and YUV (YPbPr)
Output connection via VGA D-sub 15 pin connector
VGA (640*480) and SVGA (800*600) output
Supports horizontal frequencies from 12kHz thru to 40kHz (MDA/CGA/EGA/VGA/YUV)
Unconstrained vertical frequency support
Auto scanning of frequencies makes signal detection easy
Input Impedance selection (75ohm, 750ohm)
Operates with 12vDC 1A power supply
Supports digital and analog video signals (0.5-1.0v analog; TTL 3.5v digital)
Supports Progressive and Interlaced scanning
Easy to use OSD (On-Screen Display) menu
OSD menu does not require input signal to display on screen
Last settings saved at switch off/on

Interface 5BNC, 9pin、3pin、6pin、14pin、20pin、25pin
Horizontal Frequency Rate(H)  12kHz to 40kHz automatically recognized
Output Supports D-15pin standard VGA/SVGA,Resolution:800*600/60HZ, 640*480/60hz
Interface D-Sub 15 PIN standard VGA port
Power DC 12V 1.0A

Other Details

Important Notes:

1. YPbPr = YUV 
2. Input Horizontal Frequency Rate 12kHz to 40kHz automatically recognized.
3. Support RGB and YPbPr. 
4. Support Interlaced Scanning and Line by Line Scanning. 
5. Support Vertical Resolution from line 200 to line 600 automatically recognized. 
6. Support variable Horizontal Resolution automatically recognized.
7. Support RGBHV (separate sync) ,RGBS (composite sync), automatically recognized. 
8. Output resolution: 800*600/60Hz standard VGA or custom-resolution. 

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