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Rotary Plane For Amusement Rides

Rotary Plane For Amusement Rides

Product ID: : PR008
Unit Price: : $5500USD/PCS
MOQ: 1pcs  
Availability : 14-21 days
Condition : New

About Product

This Park Rides design with colorful Plane, it's attract a lot of children to play with it. it can be loaded 8 passengers, rise and fall with dulcet music . You can choose it with Hydraulic or Lever . and price for Lever style.

Product Details

Dimension:6.5*6.5*3.2M(L*W*H) .
Seating Capacity: 4 Plane×2 player.
Elevated height:0.7m.
Occupied area:42㎡.

Other Details

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