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CAPCOM CPS-I 14-in-1 Multigame JAMMA PCB

CAPCOM CPS-I 14-in-1 Multigame JAMMA PCB

Product ID: : PCB052
Unit Price: : $134.00USD/PCS
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About Product

This CAPCOM CPS-I 14-in-1 Multigame JAMMA PCB actually runs many popular CAPCOM games on original CAPCOM CPS-I hardware.  Running on original CPS-I hardware so every game plays exactly true to the arcade version because it is the exact arcade version. Games are selected via an OSD (On Screen Display) super easy to use interface. 

Product Details

Item Requirements:
Standard JAMMA Interface Wired Cabinet or Supergun
Control Panel Layout:
- Minimum: 1 Joystick with 6 buttons.
- Optimal: 2 Joysticks with 6 buttons per player.
- Standard Resolution (15Khz) Arcade Monitor
- Monitor must be in the horizontal position.

Game List :

1.Magic Sword
2.SFII - Red Wave
3.Street Smart
4.SFII - Champion Edition
5.Knights of the Round
7.Three Sword Masters
8.Super Pang
9.Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
10.SFII Hyper Fighting
11.Three Wonders
12.Captain Commando
13.Final Fight
14.Mega Man

Other Details

Package Contents:
Packing size: 43*30*10cm
Packing weight: 3.00KG
1 - CAPCOM CPS-I 14-in-1 Multigame PCB w/ OSD PCB
1 - Instruction Label

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