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News List  Moviegoer Gets Theater to Remove Violent Arcade Games

Moviegoer Gets Theater to Remove Violent Arcade Games

A moviegoer in Yonkers decided to take action after seeing a violent arcade game being played by children at a theater soon after the shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn.

"I didn't have a choice to not see that video game when I walked in the theater," Richard Reitnauer told NBC 4 New York. "What would it be like to be any victim of Newtown, or the most recent murder in Yonkers, and walk in and see these people flinging these guns around."

Reitnauer picked up the phone and called the theater's owner, Boston-based National Amusements, to complain about the game. To his surprise, the company listened and replaced two gun games at the theater with a Pacman.

Now, what began with one local theater could have a domino effect on the entire movie industry. National Amusements operates 1500 screens nationwide, 14 of which are in New York.

"National Amusements is currently considering pulling the violent games from the other theaters on a case by case basis." said Steve Horton, vice president of operations at the company.

It's unclear if other theater companies will follow suit.

As for Reitnauer, he just pleased that his call had an impact.

"Anybody on the street that has an issue can sometimes get good results," he said.

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