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Coin Acceptor

Coin Acceptor   (28)

Multi-function, Electronic & Mechanical coin mechs, note/bill feeders, coin comparators.

Coin Accessories

Coin Accessories   (19)

Coin doors, cashboxes, tokens, money trays.


Joysticks   (18)

Joysticks to suit arcade and amusement machines

Coin Counter

Coin Counter   (10)

Coin counting devices include digit meter, coin counting, coin sorting machines, etc

Dance / Music Machine Parts

Dance / Music Machine Parts   (6)

Concluded different kinds of dance and music machine's spare parts

Driving Parts

Driving Parts   (11)

A range of arcade and amusement driving parts including steering, bike parts, shifters, gear boxes and more


Lighting   (4)

Lighting includes both artificial light sources such as lamps,Mushroom Lighter and natural illumination of interiors from daylight or full machines


Microswitch   (11)

Switches suitable for Arcade, Pinball and Redemption Machines, including microswitches and on/off switches

Power Supplies

Power Supplies   (14)

Power Supplies and Transformers including switching power supplies, and step down transformers


pushbuttons   (49)

Push buttons suitable for Arcade, Pinball and Redemption Machines.


Security   (21)

Cam locks, magnetic locks, pad locks.

Shooting Parts

Shooting Parts   (15)

Shooting parts for arcade machines, including replacement guns, triggers and accessories.

Ticket Accessories

Ticket Accessories   (7)

Redemption Tickets, Ticket Counters & Shredders, Ticket Dispensers

Redemption parts

Redemption parts   (18)

Spare parts suitable for Redemption Machines

Wire & Harnesses

Wire & Harnesses   (8)

Cables, plugs and adapters suitable for arcade machines, including connectors and wiring harnesses

Video Converter

Video Converter   (6)

Video Converter

Monitors & Chassis

Monitors & Chassis   (6)

Monitors & Chassis

Control Panel

Control Panel   (4)

Control Panel for arcade cabinet, Xbox360, PS2, PS3 and Computer game.