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3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

32inch Initial D Version 8

The latest sequel to the coin-op classics, Initial D Version 8  is a virtual driving experience combining the stimulating racecar joyride with Lindbergh's beautiful graphics.


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3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

Classic Arcade Bat Handle Style Joystick (4- 8 Way)

A Spain style Joystick with 8-way operation. Supplied with 4 microswitches. This joystick is made by solid steel construction, it's standard industry size makes it very easy to  adjust the high freely and install.

3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

Electronic Comparable Coin Selector - Front type

A front inserting type Electronic Comparable Coin selector With anti-string mechanism. it's capability for all coins of currently manufactured.

3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

60-in-1 Classic Arcade Multigame JAMMA PCB(Vertical)

This 60-in-1 Classic Arcade Multigame JAMMA PCB contains 60 of the most popular classic arcade games ever, each game has its original dip switches, which are adjusted through the built-in software menu.  Another great feature is 'High Score' save, which will save the top score...even after the power is turned off!

3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

100W Power Supply(5V7A,12V2A,24V1.5A)

Brand new 100W power supply(5V7A,12V2A,24V1.5A) for game machine.

3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

6 players Claw Machines

This claw machines can 6 players enjoy and play together. Designs high quality frame construction with special patent side aluminum that recessed rope lights in each corner.  Also have 4 colors  LED  light side Bar can choose.

3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

Top Coin Entry (American Style)

A heavy-duty chrome-plated die cast construction top coin entry with Rejection Button (plunger).

3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

Metal Slug 6(Motherboard+Cartridge)

Metal Slug 6 is a run and gun video game for the Sammy Atomiswave arcade platform in the Metal Slug series. It was released in 2006. There was a PS2 port in September 14, 2006. It is also featured in Metal Slug Anthology for the Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable.

$160.00USD/Set Save 40%
3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

2 Pins Power Cable

6A 250V 2 Pins Power plug it's used on China, Japan, Philippines and Thailand. it's can used on to connectting the Power supply to testing the arcade parts function.

$1.00USD/PCS Save 35%
3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

34inch Baby Bear Claw Machine

A 34inch Baby Bear claw machine featuring a strong lacquer aluminum body with tempered glass construction and  LED Lighting, it's a high-class product !


3 Pin Bladed Microswitch

22 Pin Edge Connectors

22 Pins Edge Connectors are made of strong glass fiber reinforced polyester. its contact pins are created of industry standard copper alloy - nickel coated.

$0.60USD/PC Save 45%